Why buy a boat or yacht in this market?

  • Smart buyers know that this is a buyer’s market.
  • Records show that a majority of larger vessels are sold at this time of year.

So, if you are in the market to buy or sell your boat, let Don Mann and his 50 years of experience go to work for you today. Call, or stop in to my new office at RiverPoint Landing Marina.

Over 50 Years Experience!

Don Mann has been a Yacht Salesman/Broker since 1976, and has personally bought 14 boats and yachts from 14′ to 85′ for his own use.  Don was the Broker for his former company “Hansel & Ortman.”

In prior years, Don was a boater, then a coxswain of large vessels. He has enjoyed training boat operators on twins or single engines. Don has over 50 years experience and loves making “Win Win” Sales!